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If you can guess where the quote in the title comes from, I’ll give you cookies.

Even though it still seems to be quite early for someone wanting to start work in January, I have now officially started looking for a job in China. Two days ago I’ve sent out four applications and I already had two positive responses, one of which I just had a Skype interview with. I think it went okay, it’s always really hard to tell. I’m quite pleased with how I did, it was a nice conversation and I had a fairly intelligent answer to the interviewer’s questions. It was a short interview, only a little over 15 minutes, but the connection was quite bad, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad sign. :D I’m glad it’s over though, I always get rather worked up about these things and I slept quite badly last night. I’m tired already and my day hasn’t even started yet! Guess I’ll be drinking lots of coffee today… They promised to send me the e-mail addresses of one or two of their teachers so I can speak to them and ask more questions, and they said if I’m still interested after that, we would take it from there. A bit vague, but positive, right?

The other positive response came in just as I was doing the interview and is also quite promising. I’m rather charmed by the text of the e-mail, they said “I’m very impressived of your resume. As you said you are new to the ESL field, but I do believe you are very potential to be a qualified ESL/English teacher after I read your resume. It just by time!” Cute, no? :D

So, all in all I’m off to a good start, I think! The school I talked to today sounds really promising, so it would be great if that would come through, but even if it doesn’t it seems it would not be so difficult to find something else, especially considering my actual preferred starting date is still months away!

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