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I have a job!

Big news: I have found a job in China! After the interview I mentioned in my last blogpost I had another Skype interview with a second school. I asked for e-mail addresses from current teachers at both schools (apparently that’s common practice when trying to find an ESL job in China) and I spent about two weeks e-mailing back and forth with those teachers. In the end I decided to go for a small private language school in Yantai. The teacher I was talking to via e-mail was very enthusiastic and Yantai seems like a nice place to live. So I accepted the job there, and I start January 30th!

It’s quite an odd notion to have found a job in a place I’d never heard of before, in a country I’ve never been to, but I guess a lot is possible with a little help from the internet!

The internet is also very helpful when trying to get an idea of the place where I will end up. I saw on Google Maps that Yantai is a coastal city, and that there are a lot of Korean restaurants, a shopping mall and a KFC in the area where the school is located. Wikipedia has been able to tell me a bit about the city and its history. The city has its own website as well, even with some English content. And, there even is a website geared towards expats living in Yantai! At least I’m getting some idea of what it’s like to live in Yantai and it’s no longer a complete black hole. :D

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