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Home sweet home

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A few days ago I finally moved into my own apartment, hurrah! I’m very happy with it, it’s only a small apartment but for one person it’s perfect. Once I get all settled in I will take some pictures, I promise. :D

I now live only five minutes away from the beach, which is very nice. I can actually see the beach from my window! I live on the 16th floor so the view is pretty nice. There is a building right in front of me, but if I look to the left or the right, I can see the beach. And if it’s a clear day I can see the downtown area as well.

The past few days I have been mostly busy with buying things for the apartment and contemplating where I should put things. I finally emptied my backpack and suitcase and stored those away, but most of the stuff is still scattered around the apartment. I always need some time to figure out what would be the best place for some things. The apartment is furnished, but only with the basic things. So I have a pink couch and a coffee table, but I had to go out and buy things like plates, cutlery, towels, cleaning stuff, etc. So that’s mostly what I have been doing since moving last Thursday.

The couch, by the way, is big enough for a person to sleep on, so everyone who is interested in visiting is now cordially invited to come and sleep on my couch whenever they want!

I’m also trying to get more into a routine. Ever since I left the Netherlands I’ve been acting like I’m on holiday, sleeping as much as I want and going to bed at whatever time I want and all that, but now I think I need to be a bit more strict for myself and go to bed and get up at roughly the same time every day, just to get a bit of a rhythm. I also want to get started on really learning Chinese now. I think today I will start with the numbers and how to say “How much is it?”, as those are the most important right now, with all the shopping I have been doing!
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that all sounds really lovely, now I just can't wait to see pictures!
on Monday flights to Beijing showed up in LOT booking system and I'd so love to book them right away, I hate this uncertainty and waiting! I wanna go sooooo badly!
I have a feeling everything will be alright, actually. I can already picture you sleeping on my pink couch. :D
I already like the idea of me and your pink couch :) I'm really ready to work extra hours just to be able to go, everything for this trip to work out! ;) btw, would autumn be good for you? September/October?
I have no idea yet! I do have a week off in the Fall because of a national holiday, but I will probably be travelling myself then, though maybe not in China as EVERYONE will be travelling and it will be supercrowded everywhere (I'm thinking maybe Korea or Japan). You could come of course. :D I don't know yet when this week off will be though and I won't know for a long time probably. As far as I understand the government just decides a few months in advance when the week off is going to be exactly. The holiday itself (Autumn Festival) seems to be at the end of September though.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me when you come, but keep in mind that I will probably have to work while you are here. At the moment I have only Mondays and Fridays off, and I expect that will be the same in the Fall (it only changes in Summer, when I have weekends off). If I get lucky my hours will be similar to what I have now, and I will have most of the day during the week off and work only in the evening, 'cause then we could do stuff together during the day. Otherwise you might have to entertain yourself for a bit and then on my day off we could hang out more.

But yeah, basically, I have no idea what my schedule will look like at any time in the upcoming months and it's very difficult to get days off, so I think you should just book whenever is best for you. But keep the Chinese holiday in mind! I have been told it's not a good time for tourists as all the Chinese people will travel during that time and it will be very hard and expensive to get train or plane tickets, and it will be extremely busy everywhere. :D
I want to come and visit you as well but my travel times are quite limited - how long will you stay :D? How much time do I have to get myself over there :D?
Are you happy you moved there, have you enjoyed your job and living in Asia so far? It all sounds so exciting!
I signed a contract for a year, so I'm here until at least the end of January 2013. I might stay a few extra months and then go travel in the Spring/Summer, but I don't really know yet, it's just a vague plan. We'll see how it goes. :D

So far I've been happy to have moved here! I enjoy teaching and the kids are pretty cool, and living in Asia is not all that scary so far. :D But it still feels like a holiday, so that probably explains a lot. :D